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Sino Power Industrial Co., Limited committed to metal cold forming machine design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales experience 20 years. The main design and products are:  High Frequency Welded Pipe Mills, steel coil slitting machine line, cut to length line, cold rolling mill related roller /molds etc. Till now, Sino Power Group have successfully supplied world-class products and service to over 30 countries and areas around the world, such as: Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, etc.

Sino Power Industrial Co., Limited metal cold roll foaming manufacturers strictly complies with the ISO9001 quality control system, ISO1400 management system and CE / SGS standard of European Union. We take scientific & reasonable streamline production to guarantee the high-grade and high effective production revolution. On the basis of absorbing European advanced design and combining with the actual requirement of customers, our company developed various series erw tube mills,steel coil slitting machines and other forming machine.

We are one of the leading China metal cold forming machine manufacturers. We are devoting ourselves in developing pipe mill industry, cold forming industry and also improving the China cold forming manufacture technology.

Sino Power Industrial Co., Limited --- Your Metal Cold Forming Expert!


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Email: enquiry@shsinopower.com

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