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Sino Power Service

Sino Power Group strives to be a leading metal cold forming manufacturer and supplier of tube mill, slitting machines , cut to length line and other metal process equipment. We not only supply products, but also provide perfect and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale services, so that you can not only purchase suitable products without much money or effort, but also feel our infinite sincerity in cooperation service.

1) Before-Sales
1.1  We will answer the customer ASAP. (within 24 hours)
1.2  We can design the machine according to customer's detail requests.

2) After-Sale Service

2.1  In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year.

2.2  If necessary, we will dispatch technicians to install and commissioning, and also our technicians will teach and  training the customer's workers to use the machine better.

2.3  We will provide long-term technical assistance.

3) Installation and Commissioning
3.1  Turnkey installation and commissioning of complete tube mills, slitting lines, roll forming lines.
3.2  Supervision of installation and commissioning.
3.3  Training of Customers' technician/workers during commissioning.
3.4  Long-term operators of the mill, if requested.

4) Breakdown Support
4.1  Skilled and experienced engineers are equipped to deal with any type of breakdowns.
4.2  Immediate technical assistance and advice by phone and/or e-mail.
4.3  Technical service work performed on Customer's site, when required.
4.4  Urgent supplies of mechanical and electronic components.

5) Maintenance Contracts
5.1  Maintenance agreements for all makes of tube mills.

6) Spare Parts
6.1  Fast supply of spare parts and wearing parts to cover foreseeable requirements.

7) Refurbishment and Upgrades

7.1  We have wide experience in upgrading, refurbishing or updating aged tube mills/ roll forming machine. Control systems can become dated and unreliable after long years in the field. We are able to offer the latest in PC, PLC and CNC based control options. Mechanical and associated systems can also benefit from refurbishment or replacement, giving the user a better quality product and a more reliable operation from their machine.



Contact: Tessie Ma

Phone: +86-15821640176

Tel: +86-18321624120

Email: enquiry@shsinopower.com

Add: Kangqiao Industrial Area, Shanghai, China,201315

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