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Steel Pipe Making Machine

  • SP60 ERW tube mill machine
SP60 ERW tube mill machine

SP60 ERW tube mill machine

  • Pipe size:21-76mm
  • Pipe thickness:1.0-3.2mm
  • Productin speed:20-80m/min
  • Pipe material: carbon steel, Stainless steel
  • Product description: SP60 (diameters 21-76mm) erw tube mill machine and tube mills is for 19-76 mm diameters round tube,60x60 mm square tube or 50x70 mm rectangular tube,the thickness is 0.8-3.5 mm based on tube mill capa

SP60(21-76mm) erw tube mill machine is a series of tube machines that builds longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width. It starts by uncoil and flatten the slit steel coils into steel strips. The flattened steel strips will be inserted into the forming machine and the rollers in the machine will bend the strip to a round pipe shape. The round erw tube mill machine. then be sent into the weld box where the pipe is welded by a high frequency or solid state welder. The tube mill machine be formed to expected shape (round/ square/ rectangle etc) or size in a sizing machine. Finally the pipe will be cut to length and bundled.

1. Parameters of erw tube mill

Model Unit SP50L SP60 SP60L SP76
Diameter of Welded Tubes mm 19-76 21-76 21-89 25-89
Size of Square Tube (Max.) mm 60x60 60x60 70x70 70x70
Size of Rectangle Tube (Max.) mm 40x80 40x60 60x80 60x80
Wall Thickness of Round Tube mm 0.8-2.5 1.0-3.2 1.2-3.2 1.5-4.0
Wall Thickness of Square  Tube mm 0.8-2.0 1.0-2.5 1.2-2.5 1.5-3.5
Wall Thickness of Rectangle Tube mm 0.8-2.0 1.0-2.5 1.2-2.5 1.5-3.5
Speed of Tube Welding m/min 20-90 20-80 20-60 20-70
Power of Major Motor KW 160 185 185 200
High Frequency Power KW 200 200 200 300

2. Process flow of erw tube mill machine

pipe making machine, pipe welding machine

Step 1: Uncoiler

Function: support rolled plate and strip tension for tube mill machine, by the frame, main shaft, increases of drum, brake.

There are 3 types: pneumatic, hydraulic and manual.

decoiler uncoiler unwinding of erw pipe mill

Step 2: Shear & Butt-welding

Function: Shear the end of each strip coil, then welding them together, so that erw tube mill can be continue production.

2 Types: Automatic & Manual

head shear and welder for pipe making machine

Step 3: Strip Accumulator

Function: storage strip to keep continue production.
2 Types: Horizontal / Vertical

Advantage: Horizontal type can be larger storage. Vertical type is much cheap and small space occupied.

vertical accumulator horizontal accumulator

Step 4: Forming Section

Function: forming the tube from strip
>Advanced forming technical
>One-stage molding platform
>Reliable quality gear box

>Siemens Beide motor

forming section of steel pipe mill

Step 5: High Frequency Welding

Function: Welding the pipe , different thickness & diameter, the power of the tube mill welder

Our advantage: We choose the China best welder: Sanyi brand.

high frequency welding station for steel pipe machine

Step 6: Sizing Section

Function: sizing the tube to precise size
>Advanced sizing technical
>One-stage molding platform
>Reliable quality gear box and Siemens Beide motor

>High precision, low error of the pipe size

sizing parts for erw tube mill

Step 7: Flying saw / Cold Saw

Function: cutting the tube mill line tube to right length.
Fly saw: easy to operation, low investment.

Cold saw: no noise, no burr cutting precision and cross section.

fly saw cold saw and cutting saw

Step 8: Run Out Table.

Function: run out the pipe, packing the pipe for tube mill machine

Type: Automatic or manual

run out table for tube making machine package

3. Applications of erw tube mill machine

1. Oil & Gas Pipes 7. Wire and Cable Protection Pipe
2. Heating Pipe 8. Structural Support Steel Pipe
3. Low-pressure Process Pipeline 9. Industrial Steel Pipes
4. Low Pressure Fire Fighting Pipeline 10. Decoration Pipe
5. Sewage Pipes 11. Water Pipe
6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe 12. Building pipe

4. Photos of erw tube mill

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tube mill,tube mill machine,erw tube mill,

5. Final product of tube mill machine

Material:  carbon steel, galvanized steel pipe, mild steel, iron, black steel, ms steel, etc.

welding pipe welded tube

6. Whole series of tube mill line

Options of erw tube mill and tube mill machine.

steel square pipe making machine,erw pipe making machine


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